Late war canteen strap – Pigskin leather


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Later, two-pieced variant of canteen strap made from pigskin leather.
This  strap is ideal for 0,7 liter canteens made after 1942.
Genuine pigskin leather – typical for these later made straps !
Original clasp hooks – some like new, some with rust or dirt, but all are nice and usable.
Rawhide reinforcement like on originals. Buckles without rollers, painted black.
Repro “bakelite” screw cap, with correct red rubber gasket with hole ( also correct for straps made after 1942).
Natural white  hand stitches.
No stamps ! I left all straps unmarked so hardcore reenactors can mark it with own stamp to match with canteen !
Bottle is not included !

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Dimensions 62 × 15 × 2 cm


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