About this shop

Welcome to this web shop, dear customers !

I decied to run this shop after some years of internet sellings for more clear, faster and easier shopping for all.
In 2009, I jumped into this bussines because as reenactor I looked for quality and mainly correct leather stuff, but
it just wasn’t available at markets these times. So, I tried to make some basic gear and lot of people were interested
in my stuff, because I started doing something that you won’t find in most replicas – everything is correct.

Material, shape, hardware is just did in same way as oiriginals, I dont use modern technics , no plastic threads, no kinky hardware or water buffalo leather. I also don’t make classic mistakes like other producers – I don’t try to make the products beautiful, but I do it real. Real as its possible, so If you looking for “beautiful ” kind of stuff, with perfect surface, perfect straight stitching or virgin clean leather without any marks and scars from tannery, please buy from other makers. Here You can buy only “period quality” made items for maximum level of reality of Your impression.

At product page You can choice stamping, hardware material or color of leather parts on items where these options actually existed. For example – 1938 stamped belt is available with aluminium hook only, and 1942 stamped belt with steel hook only – just like they did in wartime production due to material supplies.
Some items have only one stamping possible, just according to real examples.